—The /tEmz/ Review, March, 2024


They drift through classrooms,

            pass us in the hall

            on the road to their there,

                      our here now,

gather what they will

            from us, the elders.

                                   We gasp in wonder

                        at their innocent ignorant beauty

                        their nourishment from nothing, their streaming

                        surge, raw-ripe rumpled shine, like huge wrinkled

                        hatchlings     glorious     glowing     unknowing

            every sighting a new species ID

                        (Adolescencia prepubencia)

                                    middle school gen zero, twelve and thirteen

                                          that age for me a series of neurons

                                            connecting revenant emo-djinns

                                                         I no longer feel.


         I saw a boomer on a screen play

      a boomer in a scene where all agreed

                    things were better

          when and there, then and how.

                      They weren’t.


  1. Where were you then? Where will you have been?

                     When will you be where you are?

                      Answer in complete sentences.

                               Show your work.


Some in their journey join us on the verge

            to ease the pain of smart eruptions

                        with prodigious plants and entheogenic fungi,

                                    grown and dried,

                                    burned and breathed,

                                    sold and swallowed

                                    long before they knew

                                                there was a truth to seek.


We mentors lie and say we never cared

            because it hurts too much

            to be ignored when we do.

We watch them as they fall off hidden cliffs

            we lied and said we never saw

            because we didn’t want to be a cause

                        of death predicted     not prevented.


  1. What can be done

                 when you bare yourself

                    and can’t bear up?

                     Who or who else?

          Complete show in your answer work sentences.


Fear is

substrate of



substitution       substitute      submission        submit

sublime        subliminal        sublimate

stand-in stand-up

stands and delivers

stands in the river

watches it rise.


Naked.     Drowning.

Poser                   Imposer                   Imposter                   Fake


  1.       In what way is this

a syndrome?

                               Answer sentences in complete

                                          work your show.


  1.       Who am I when I am

someone else?

                                             (Who are  you  today?)

                                     Who was I when I was myself?

                                   Who will I be before I am no one?

                        In show   sentences answer   complete your work.


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