Sea Meadow

Near, the ocean air rims

the cups of my ears,

resonates with my pulse,

Next to me, I hear the crisp

green silences of fern and grass,

the tickling of insects,

Beyond, a rhythmic singing

    shimmers in the gray-green Sitkas,

    holding back the distance,

And far, below the sheening

    hiss of shore I feel the deep

    sigh of the sea, unheard

but in the offing,

    there as sure as whale songs

    adrift in winds of water.

Azure as the iris, in my eye

as in my hand, held there

amid the green from which it came,

the sky fulfills the flower.

Petals of the sun arriving,

    meadow prism glory, hidden

hues unveiled in reflection,

create the world within

an eye, as near and far

as tears upon the tide.

To sea, the color of the sky

redeepens into indigo and darkness,

a lover penetrating

    just enough to bring forth life,


            the liquid stillness of its heart.